Monday, not Sunday…

Okay, okay…I know that I should’ve written yesterday…but about 3 o’clock in the afternoon…I closed my eyes…and I didn’t wake until 6 am this morning!  Talk about a day-of-rest!!!!

Well, needless to say I feel great today…so even though I didn’t get to my blogging  yesterday…I will right now!


I am going to start adding a “step-by-step” of my work for the new book that I’m illustrating: called When I Am Quiet written by Joanne Fairchild Miller.  (pictured in previous posting)

This is the first of two pages of storyboard.  You may not be able to read all of the scribbles…or even all of the text…but this is how we start. Well, we actually started by Joanne reading the story out loud to me. And then we talked back and forth about what we would like to see in the book. Here’s the second page of thumbnails:

There are a few lines in the text that Joanne is still working on…but as the changes happen…you’ll be able to see them right here on this blog.

Our plan is to have the storyboard completed by July 5th… but we’ll keep posting the sketches and then the final illustrations, so you can see the whole process  the whole way!

…and comment…with suggestions or questions!  Thanks for being a part of this!


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