New Bookmark:

Alright… I am a little new to this show-&-tell stuff: blogging the process of how I do my artwork, so if I appear to be a little awkward please forgive me.  I know with a little practice I’ll get better.

To start: I keep daily sketchbooks, I am always writing and drawing in them, I completely fill at least two or three of them each year! Sometime I even paint in them but mostly pen & pencil drawings. I found this cute little drawing in one of my sketchbooks. I can tell you more about this character…but in a later post. Okay?

Having this bookmark encourage kids to read was important…so I thought that maybe my spider could say something like: “I love reading”.

He also might be more interesting swinging on his web rather than just standing there



So, then I took that sketch and added color to it, and a book-bag full of the books…

and added the words: “I Love Books” in a cute typeface with hearts in each letter…and a nice drop shadow.

In the background I added a huge blue sky along with his web up there in the corner, and moved his eyes to look at the words!  You are more than welcome to print this bookmark for yourself. I just ask that you keep my web address on it.  If it doesn’t print well, I will have a PDF of the bookmark on my website.





2 thoughts on “New Bookmark:

    • Thanks!
      It was fun doing this, unfortunately, when I had the bookmarks printed the spider web was too faint…and not as visible as I would’ve liked it.
      But, I’ll learn from that and and make the line stronger in that area…before I re-print.

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