It’s been a few weeks:

Our grandson was born March 25th! I went to stay with my son and his wife to help them out in the first week or so of the little one’s life. I’m not sure how helpful I really was….but, it was wonderful to spend some time with them!

He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! His name is Nikolai.

Now, I am back home, and ready to get back to work. On the train ride I had time to read and think (I just love the train), and I am going to change the theme of my blog a bit.  So, there maybe a few bumps in the road ahead. I will post about it and ask for your opinion…but right now I’ll let you enjoy a photo of one of God’s little miracles.



4 thoughts on “It’s been a few weeks:

  1. Thank you! He is beautiful. Ben & Anne are such good parents, too! They seem to be able to handle things quite calmly. You can SEE the love, it’s so sweet.

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