my search

I have been searching for a small bag to easily sling over my shoulder and take with me while hiking or biking. Something to carry a small sketchbook with some accessories.
Sometimes I like to stop and take a photo or make a pen & ink sketch, or write a few lines….or even do a quick watercolor!

I don’t want something big or heavy, but this looks perfect.  It looks as though it would also fit my iPhone, cards & keys!
I’ve seen this on a dozen different online stores and they all seem to be asking about $10 for it. It’s called: the Venturer Travel Portfolio Bag.
The main compartment is 8.5”x5.5”.  Its made to be durable and even water resistant.

Has anyone used this?

Or know anything about it?

Have any thoughts?



2 thoughts on “my search

  1. Thanks for the info!
    Does yours look like an old army/navy bag? These seem to have that feel to them.
    I have no need for mine to look fashionable at all, I wouldn’t be using it anywhere but when I’m wearing my jeans…(well…I’m almost always in jeans, I guess.) But, I wouldn’t be using this in a dressy situation at all.
    thanks, again!

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