Clara’s Artwork

I got a note & some photos from a friend of mine about using one of my RAINY DAYS & SUN DAYS pages with her granddaughter:


I thought you would like to see some pictures I took today of Clara and I doing our ART CAMP here at Yia-Yia’s house.We painted a snail using YOUR instructions. I let her do her own but showed her how. We did acrylic on very small canvases.  It was so fun and she loved it. She did pretty well for a 4 year old! We used buttons for the eyes and glued alphabet beads on that spelled out ‘Clara’ on hers and ‘Yia Yia’ on mine.I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to do the snail. It was fun for her and a great bonding time!


Wow!  Clara,  I think you did such a WONDERFUL job! 

Here are two more photos of Clara painting:

She printed out page 4 and  followed the directions there for drawing a funny snail.

I love seeing your pictures!  Thanks again, Clara for sharing!

Keep Drawing & Painting!



4 thoughts on “Clara’s Artwork

  1. Rose, I was thrilled to see what Clara had done – the snails turned out so cute, and the added touch of the buttons just made it pop. Thanks for the great directions – Clara and I plan on doing more of these, and I’ll link to it on my site as well! Your artwork is beautiful – love your stuff!

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