making a CROWN

It’s fun to dress up and play KING….or QUEEN….or ANYTHING!  Here is a pattern & directions for you to make a CROWN (…maybe next time we’ll make the scepter…and you can really play the part!)

Let’s start here…this is the pattern:

You can click on this image to make it bigger and then print it out, and follow these directions and photos…

after you print it out, cut it out…

and then we’ll put the pattern on the colored construction paper, and trace it on there in pencil. If you have a big piece of construction paper (12×18) follow the instructions on the pattern sheet, and if you only have a smaller piece (9×12) you can do as these photographs show…

you’ll need to cut out two of these…

and tape them together.

you can add stickers, buttons, ribbon, glitter, and color with crayons & markers, then tape the back to fit your head…and you’ll look like royalty.

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