One of the most difficult things for little fingers to do is sharpen pencils.  I guess one solution would be to buy them a mechanical pencil…or maybe sharpen the pencils FOR them…or buy an easy-to-use sharpener…

I have an old Boston electric pencil sharpener…works like a charm even after all these years. But, I’m not sure they make them anymore…I can’t find them anywhere.

But places like Staples, Office Max, and Walmart  (not to mention the online ART STORES that I listed on Saturday) have tons of models of electric and battery operated ones. Approximately: $20 to $65.

As a child I remember having difficulty using one that looked like this one. (this is the kind we had in our classrooms in the 50’s & 60’s )

A lot of stores sell ones that mount on the wall or desk…with clamps, screws or even suction cups so they are secure enough to use the handle.  Approximately $10 to $35.

And last, but certainly not least are the hand held sharpeners. If you get one of these it would be best to get one that collects all of the shavings. Like the one pictured. Ranging from $1 to $6.


I’ll leave you with a great quote from Mother Theresa. I found it on page 94  of  THE HOLE IN OUR GOSPEL:

 “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God

who is sending a love letter to the world”



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