It’s all a matter of personal preference, but I am a big fan of the white-vinyl erasers. I find that for me they erase cleanly and easily.

But there are tons of different opinions and styles of erasers out there. The kneaded eraser is a good choice. I enjoy just rolling and kneading it in my hands sometimes. But their biggest plus is that you can make a tiny point to erase a small area or flatten it to clean a big area. You can even shade with it…taking just a part of the pencil off of the paper….blending the pencil marks.  It is versatile…and another favorite of mine.



and there is what we always called the art-gum eraser, it erases well, but crumbled too easily for my taste. But they do a good job and they are inexpensive.


Then there are the pink-erasers…I think they are the same as the ones on most pencils. I always have a difficult time with my paper tearing when I use them. I suppose I should be more gentle.


Another eraser that is really fun to use is the electric (battery-operated) ones. You can get different tips for them, they do a great job.

But, again the one I personally use the most is the white-vinyl. All of these erasers can be purchased at most art supply stores or at the online stores on Saturday’s post.




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