and coloring is even better!

Drawing is fun, and coloring is even better!  Here are some things to color with.


Markers & crayons are wonderful!  You can purchase them just about anywhere.  You want to get a nice strong color on your paper, so try to find some good ones.

Colored pencils, watercolor pencils and even paint pans can be so much more fun when the colors are vivid and easy to use. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive brand or the biggest set…but, just a few quality products makes a huge difference.


Brushes are the same. Better to get a $2 or $3  watercolor brush (#6)  at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby than a .50 plastic one. And if you teach the child to clean it and store it properly….it will last a while and give them a better idea of how much fun painting can be.


and paper:  I know a lot of art stores sell inexpensive watercolor, drawing, sketch, &  newsprint pads in easy to use sizes. And they explain what media each will take right on the cover.

Its worth it in the long run to get a few (just a few) quality items into your kids hands. That way they can experience fun in art and not frustration.


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