This site started out as a personal sketch  journal. I called it A Compass Rose (a circle showing the principal directions printed on a map or chart). It has since grown into a resource center for kids and their grown-ups to find lessons or inspiration to draw & paint.  Now it is a place to not only showcase some of my work,  but to also share some fun things to do.

I first started making & using these creativity pages while teaching art for Kindergarten thru 8th grades. I enjoyed making my own curriculum…and I also occasionally needed an extra activity for the kids who were quicker and needed to go a little further. At the same time I was illustrating for a children’s magazine doing a monthly “Draw Pages” and I kept the rights to all of my work.

Now, I am gathering all of my artworks and lessons and compiling and re-illustrating to make a book called: RAINY DAYS & SUN DAYS: Creativity Boosters & Art Lessons for Kids and their Grown-ups!
This blog is a journal of how I do the work, and my thoughts during the work…and a finish of each page that you can download and try out for yourself.  And maybe even post one or two of your illustrations here.

I hope that you can join me on this journey.   ~Rose

PS: If you haven’t already, sign up in the subscribe box to be eligible to win a copy of the book.


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